Training is an ongoing process. The only way "we can be you" is to learn you, learn how you operate, learn how you interact with your customers and learn how to solve customer issues. Our core training revolves around listening. It is impossible to interact with anyone let alone customers if one doesn't listen. It is much easier to teach an agent to work in your CRM, database, web portal, etc... than it is to teach an agent to listen to the customer, display empathy and respond in the appropriate manner. We invite and encourage our customers to be involved with initial agent training to the maximum extent possible. 

Training Methodologies

We have many tools that aid us when it comes to agent training.  Listed below are several technological resources that are used.  

Jacada Agent Scripting:  Jacada is a decision logic based software application that allows the agent to follow a specific process flow.  Script changes can be made on the fly and agents are trained to follow the script to ensure execution of the proper message.  See the brief video below for a better understand of how this state of the art tool is used.

Walkme Web Portal Guidance:  90% of our customer base requires us to login to their portal to complete transactions.  These transactions include everything from checking on order status to entering tier 2 technical support tickets.  In many cases the web portal can be complex to navigate driving up training time and associated costs.  Walkme allows agents to be onboarded at a faster rate, keeps average handle times low and minimizes the chance for human error.  Click below to see Walkme in action.

Adobe Captivate:  This technology allows agents to gain understanding of more complex customer portal and CRM interactions.  Furthermore, our agents are then tested on the content they have learned to ensure lower handle times and fewer errors.

This product has revolutionized how companies train agents while keeping costs at an absolute minimum. When applicable, our customers opt to co-produce training videos with us instead of spending valuable time traveling and training groups of agents in person.  The brief video below demonstrates how Captivate functions.